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(공동 제1저자)

Post-modification of nanocrystals through cation exchange has been very successful in diversifying nanomaterial compositions, while retaining the structural motif. Copper compound nanoparticles are particularly useful as templates because of inherent defects serving as effective cation diffusion routes and the excellent cation mobility. Therefore, the development of shape-controlled multi-anion systems such as copper phosphosulfide can potentially lead to the formation of diverse metal phosphosulfide nanomaterials that have otherwise inaccessible compositions and structures. However, there is, to the best of our knowledge, no report on the shape-controlled synthesis of copper phosphosulfide nanoparticles, because the introduction of the second anion to the metal compound might destroy the nanoparticle morphology and crystallinity due to the required high energy for anion diffusion and mixing. Herein, we report that it is feasible to transfer the structural motif of copper sulfide to copper phosphosulfide by using tris(diethylamino)phosphine. The anion-mixed copper phosphosulfide in the form of hollow toroid could provide a pathway to previously inaccessible phases and morphologies. We verified the versatility of copper phosphosulfide hollow toroid as a cation-exchange template by the successful synthesis of cobalt, nickel, indium, and cadmium phosphosulfides as well as bimetallic cobalt-nickel phosphosulfide (Co2−xNixP1−ySy) with a retained structural motif.


  1. Deep Learning Optical Spectroscopy Based on Experimental Database: Potential Applications to Molecular Design

    Accurate and reliable prediction of the optical and photophysical properties of organic compounds is important in various research fields. Here, we developed deep learning (DL) optical spectroscopy using a DL model and experimental database...
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  2. Wettability of graphene and interfacial water structure

    김동환(제1저자,석사과정) 김은찬(제1저자, 통합과정) Understanding the wettability of graphene is important for various applications, such as water desalination, energy storage, and catalysis. However, the detailed water hydrogen-bonding stru...
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  3. Synergistic Effects on Lithium Metal Batteries by Preferential Ionic Interactions in Concentrated Bisalt Electrolytes

    전소연 (제1저자, 박사과정) Lithium metal batteries (LMBs) have the potential to deliver a greater specific capacity than any commercially used lithium battery. However, excessive dendrite growth and low Coulombic efficiencies (CEs) are majo...
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  4. Operando Raman and UV-Vis spectroscopic investigation of the coloring and bleaching mechanism of self-powered photochromic devices for smart windows

    전소연 (제1저자, 박사과정) Automatically controlling the optical transmittance of solar light provides an energy-saving strategy for designing energy-efficient buildings. Ideally, the smart windows should be able to show homogeneous and lar...
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  5. Ultrafast intraband Auger process in self-doped colloidal quantum dots

    임준형 (제 1저자) Investigating the separate dynamics of electrons and holes has been challenging, although it is critical for the fundamental understanding of semiconducting nanomaterials. n-Type self-doped colloidal quantum dots (CQDs) wi...
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  6. Two-dimensional electronic spectroscopy of bacteriochlorophyll a with synchronized dual mode-locked lasers

    How atoms and electrons in a molecule move during a chemical reaction and how rapidly energy is transferred to or from the surroundings can be studied with flashes of laser light. However, despite prolonged efforts to develop various coheren...
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  7. Superexchange Coupling-Induced Enhancements of Thermoelectric Performance in Saturated Molecules

    조나영 강서현 (공동 제1저자) To develop thermoelectric devices, it is of the utmost importance to design organic building blocks to have efficient thermopower. Whereas conjugated and aromatic molecules with intrinsic narrow band gaps are at...
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  8. Fluorescent Diagnostic Probes in Neurodegenerative Diseases

    Neurodegenerative diseases are debilitating disorders that feature progressive and selective loss of function or structure of anatomically or physiologically associated neuronal systems. Both chronic and acute neurodegenerative diseases are ...
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  9. An Ethacrynic Acid‐Brominated BODIPY Photosensitizer (EA‐BPS) Construct Enhances the Lethality of Reactive Oxygen Species in Hypoxic Tumor‐Targeted Photodynamic Therapy

    Despite being a clinically approved intervention for cancer, photodynamic therapy (PDT) still suffers from limitations. Prime among these is a therapeutic response that is mostly oxygen dependent. This limits the utility of PDT in treating h...
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  10. High Ammonia Uptake of a Metal–Organic Framework Adsorbent in a Wide Pressure Range

    김대원(제 1저자) Although numerous porous adsorbents have been investigated for NH3 capture applications, these materials often exhibit insufficient NH3 uptake, low NH3 affinity at the ppm level, and poor chemical stability against wet NH3 ...
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  11. Emerging Porous Materials and their Composites for NH3 Gas Removal

    강동원(제 1저자) NH3, essential for producing artificial fertilizers and several military and commercial products, is being produced at a large scale to satisfy increasing demands. The inevitable leakage of NH3 during its utilization, even ...
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  12. Light-directed trapping of metastable intermediates in a self-assembly process

    정준영(제1저자) Self-assembly is a dynamic process that often takes place through a stepwise pathway involving formation of kinetically favored metastable intermediates prior to generation of a thermodynamically preferred supramolecular fra...
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  13. Multiply Charged Conjugated Polyelectrolytes as a Multifunctional Interlayer for Efficient and Scalable Perovskite Solar Cells

    Amit Kumar Harit (제1저자) A series of anionic conjugated polyelectrolytes (CPEs) is synthesized based on poly(fluorene‐co‐phenylene) by varying the side‐chain ionic density from two to six per repeat units (MPS2‐TMA, MPS4‐TMA, and MPS6‐TMA...
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  14. Green-, Red-, and Near-Infrared-Emitting Polymer Dot Probes for Simultaneous Multicolor Cell Imaging with a Single Excitation Wavelength

    정지은 (제1저자) We report newly synthesized fluorescence resonance energy transfer (FRET)-based green-, red-, and near-infrared (NIR)-emitting polymer dot (Pdot) probes. Fluorescent Pdots (∼60 nm) were prepared with a green-emissive conjug...
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  15. Intermetallic PtCu Nanoframes as Efficient Oxygen Reduction Electrocatalysts

    권태현 (제1저자) Nanoframe alloy structures represent a class of high-performance catalysts for oxygen reduction reaction (ORR), owing to their high active surface area, efficient molecular accessibility, and nanoconfinement effect. However...
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  16. Pt Dopant: Controlling the Ir Oxidation States toward Efficient and Durable Oxygen Evolution Reaction in Acidic Media

    최송아 (제1저자, 석박통합과정) Dissolution of Ir oxides in Ir‐based catalysts, which is closely linked to the catalyst activity and stability toward the oxygen evolution reaction (OER) in acidic media, is a critical unresolved problem in th...
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  17. Color‐Tunable Boron‐Based Emitters Exhibiting Aggregation‐Induced Emission and Thermally Activated Delayed Fluorescence for Efficient Solution‐Processable Nondoped Deep‐Blue to Sky‐Blue OLEDs

    김형종 (제1저자) Three new color-tunable (deep-blue to sky-blue) and solution-processable emitters—9′-(2,12-di-tert-butyl-5,9-dioxa-13b-boranaphtho[3,2,1-de]anthracen-7-yl)-9′H-9,3′:6′,9″-tercarbazole (TB-3Cz), 9′-(2,12-di-tert-butyl-5,9-di...
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  18. Catalytic Nanoframes and Beyond

    권태현 전민기 (공동 제1저자) The ever‐increasing need for the production and expenditure of sustainable energy is a result of the astonishing rate of consumption of fossil fuels and the accompanying environmental problems. Emphasis is being...
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  19. Highly Crystalline Hollow Toroidal Copper Phosphosulfide via Anion Exchange: A Versatile Cation Exchange Nanoplatform

    홍용주 김태경 조진형 (공동 제1저자) Post-modification of nanocrystals through cation exchange has been very successful in diversifying nanomaterial compositions, while retaining the structural motif. Copper compound nanoparticles are partic...
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  20. Molecular Design of Highly Efficient Heavy-Atom-Free Triplet BODIPY Derivatives for Photodynamic Therapy and Bioimaging

    김상인 (제1저자, 석사과정) Novel BODIPY photosensitizers were developed for imaging‐guided photodynamic therapy. The introduction of a strong electron donor to the BODIPY core through a phenyl linker combined with the twisted arrangement be...
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