Structure–thermopower relationships in molecular thermoelectrics

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author Hyo Jae Yoon
journal Journal of Materials Chemistry A


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 Sohyun Park (통합과정, 제1저자)  Hungu Kang(Post-Doc. 제1저자)

Studies of molecular thermoelectrics help to reveal how atomic-detailed structural modification in molecules can affect the thermopower of molecular-scale devices. This review covers advances in the use of molecular junctions for studies of molecular thermoelectrics based on physical-organic approaches. Through a stepwise approach, this review provides (i) a summary of the types of thermoelectric molecular junctions and thermopower measurement techniques employed in the field of molecular thermoelectrics, (ii) an extensive discussion on how they affect the thermoelectric data in terms of absolute value and distribution, and (iii) a comprehensive summary and analysis of structure–thermopower relationships established in the field.



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