A Hydrogen-Bonded Organic Framework with Type IV NH3 Adsorption Behavior

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author Chang Seop Hong
journal Angewandte Chemie International Edition
Homepage https://www.immlab.korea.ac.kr/


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Dong Won Kang(강동원, 통합과정, 제1저자) / Minjung Kang(강민정, 통합과정, 제2저자)

An S‐shaped gas isotherm pattern displays high working capacity in pressure‐swing adsorption cycle, as established for CO2, CH4, acetylene, and CO. However, to our knowledge, this type of adsorption behavior has not been revealed for NH3 gas. Herein, we design and characterize a hydrogen‐bonded organic framework (HOF) that can adsorb NH3 uniquely in an S‐shape (type IV) fashion. While conventional porous materials, mostly with type I NH3 adsorption behavior, require relatively high regeneration temperature, this platform which has significant working capacity is easily regenerated and recyclable at room temperature.




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