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김가현(제1저자, 석박통합과정)


Demands on nontoxic nanomaterials in the short-wavelength infrared (SWIR) have rapidly grown over the past decade. Here, we present the nonstoichiometric silver chalcogenide nanocrystals of AgxTe (x > 2) and Ag2Te/Ag2S CQDs with a tunable bandgap across the SWIR region. When the atomic percent of the metal and chalcogenide elements are varied, the emission frequency of the excitonic peak is successfully extended to 2.7 μm. Surprisingly, the AgxTe CQD film responds to the SWIR light with a responsivity of 2.1 A/W at 78 K. Also, the Ag2S shell growth over the Ag2Te core enhances not only the emission intensity but also the structural rigidity, preventing crystal morphology deformation under the electron beam. The origin of the enhancement in the emission intensity and air stability of AgxTe and Ag2Te/Ag2S CQDs is carefully investigated by X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS). The optical properties and infrared photocurrent of AgxTe CQDs will provide new opportunities for solution-based SWIR applications.


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  1. Vertical-crystalline Fe-doped β-Ni oxyhydroxides for highly active and stable oxygen evolution reaction

    김병윤 (제1저자, 기초과학연구원) The layered transition metal oxyhydroxides have received increasing interest owing to the efficient energy conversion performance and material stability during the oxygen evolution reaction (OER). In particu...
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  2. Extended Short-Wavelength Infrared Photoluminescence and Photocurrent of Nonstoichiometric Silver Telluride Colloidal Nanocrystals

    김가현(제1저자, 석박통합과정) Demands on nontoxic nanomaterials in the short-wavelength infrared (SWIR) have rapidly grown over the past decade. Here, we present the nonstoichiometric silver chalcogenide nanocrystals of AgxTe (x > 2) and Ag...
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  3. Enhanced Thermopower of Saturated Molecules by Noncovalent Anchor-Induced Electron Doping of Single-Layer Graphene Electrode

    Enhancing thermopower is a key goal in organic and molecular thermoelectrics. Herein, it is shown that introducing noncovalent contact with a single-layer graphene (SLG) electrode improves the thermopower of saturated molecules as compared ...
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  4. Mechanical Force for the Transformation of Aziridine into Imine

    Force-selective mechanochemical reactions may be important for applications in polymer mechanochemistry, yet it is difficult to achieve such reactions. This paper reports that cis-N-phthalimidoaziridine incorporated into a macromolecular ba...
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  5. A Small Molecule Strategy for Targeting Cancer Stem Cells in Hypoxic Microenvironments and Preventing Tumorigenesis

    김지현(제1저자, 석박사통합과정 8학기) Breast cancer consists of heterogenic subpopulations, which determine the prognosis and response to chemotherapy. Among these subpopulations, a very limited number of cancer cells are particularly probl...
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  6. Mitochondria-targeted nanotheranostic: Harnessing single-laser-activated dual phototherapeutic processing for hypoxic tumor treatment

    Realizing maximum tumor suppression along with preventing tumor regrowth by optimizing the photon usage in phototherapy remains a major challenge. Herein, a mitochondria-targeted phototheranostic nanoformulation (MsPDTT NPs) was prepared fr...
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  7. Pd3Pb Nanosponges for Selective Conversion of Furfural to Furfuryl Alcohol under Mild Condition

    Alloy structures with high catalytic surface areas and tunable surface energies can lead to high catalytic selectivity and activities. Herein, the synthesis of sponge-like Pd3Pb multiframes (Pd3Pb MFs) is reported by using the thermodynamic...
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  8. Deep Learning Optical Spectroscopy Based on Experimental Database: Potential Applications to Molecular Design

    Accurate and reliable prediction of the optical and photophysical properties of organic compounds is important in various research fields. Here, we developed deep learning (DL) optical spectroscopy using a DL model and experimental database...
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  9. Wettability of graphene and interfacial water structure

    김동환(제1저자,석사과정) 김은찬(제1저자, 통합과정) Understanding the wettability of graphene is important for various applications, such as water desalination, energy storage, and catalysis. However, the detailed water hydrogen-bonding stru...
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  10. Synergistic Effects on Lithium Metal Batteries by Preferential Ionic Interactions in Concentrated Bisalt Electrolytes

    전소연 (제1저자, 박사과정) Lithium metal batteries (LMBs) have the potential to deliver a greater specific capacity than any commercially used lithium battery. However, excessive dendrite growth and low Coulombic efficiencies (CEs) are majo...
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  11. Operando Raman and UV-Vis spectroscopic investigation of the coloring and bleaching mechanism of self-powered photochromic devices for smart windows

    전소연 (제1저자, 박사과정) Automatically controlling the optical transmittance of solar light provides an energy-saving strategy for designing energy-efficient buildings. Ideally, the smart windows should be able to show homogeneous and lar...
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  12. Ultrafast intraband Auger process in self-doped colloidal quantum dots

    임준형 (제 1저자) Investigating the separate dynamics of electrons and holes has been challenging, although it is critical for the fundamental understanding of semiconducting nanomaterials. n-Type self-doped colloidal quantum dots (CQDs) wi...
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  13. Two-dimensional electronic spectroscopy of bacteriochlorophyll a with synchronized dual mode-locked lasers

    How atoms and electrons in a molecule move during a chemical reaction and how rapidly energy is transferred to or from the surroundings can be studied with flashes of laser light. However, despite prolonged efforts to develop various coheren...
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  14. Superexchange Coupling-Induced Enhancements of Thermoelectric Performance in Saturated Molecules

    조나영 강서현 (공동 제1저자) To develop thermoelectric devices, it is of the utmost importance to design organic building blocks to have efficient thermopower. Whereas conjugated and aromatic molecules with intrinsic narrow band gaps are at...
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  15. Fluorescent Diagnostic Probes in Neurodegenerative Diseases

    Neurodegenerative diseases are debilitating disorders that feature progressive and selective loss of function or structure of anatomically or physiologically associated neuronal systems. Both chronic and acute neurodegenerative diseases are ...
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  16. An Ethacrynic Acid‐Brominated BODIPY Photosensitizer (EA‐BPS) Construct Enhances the Lethality of Reactive Oxygen Species in Hypoxic Tumor‐Targeted Photodynamic Therapy

    Despite being a clinically approved intervention for cancer, photodynamic therapy (PDT) still suffers from limitations. Prime among these is a therapeutic response that is mostly oxygen dependent. This limits the utility of PDT in treating h...
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  17. High Ammonia Uptake of a Metal–Organic Framework Adsorbent in a Wide Pressure Range

    김대원(제 1저자) Although numerous porous adsorbents have been investigated for NH3 capture applications, these materials often exhibit insufficient NH3 uptake, low NH3 affinity at the ppm level, and poor chemical stability against wet NH3 ...
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  18. Emerging Porous Materials and their Composites for NH3 Gas Removal

    강동원(제 1저자) NH3, essential for producing artificial fertilizers and several military and commercial products, is being produced at a large scale to satisfy increasing demands. The inevitable leakage of NH3 during its utilization, even ...
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  19. Light-directed trapping of metastable intermediates in a self-assembly process

    정준영(제1저자) Self-assembly is a dynamic process that often takes place through a stepwise pathway involving formation of kinetically favored metastable intermediates prior to generation of a thermodynamically preferred supramolecular fra...
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  20. Multiply Charged Conjugated Polyelectrolytes as a Multifunctional Interlayer for Efficient and Scalable Perovskite Solar Cells

    Amit Kumar Harit (제1저자) A series of anionic conjugated polyelectrolytes (CPEs) is synthesized based on poly(fluorene‐co‐phenylene) by varying the side‐chain ionic density from two to six per repeat units (MPS2‐TMA, MPS4‐TMA, and MPS6‐TMA...
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