Cost-Effective, High-Performance Porous-Organic-Polymer Conductors Functionalized with Sulfonic Acid Groups by Direct Postsynthetic Substitution

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author Chang Seop Hong
journal Angew. Chem. Int. Ed., 2016, 55 (52). pp 16123-16126


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We demonstrate the facile microwave-assisted synthesis of a porous organic framework 1 and the sulfonated solid (1S) through postsubstitution. Remarkably, the conductivity of 1S showed an approximately 300-fold enhancement at 30 °C as compared to that of 1, and reached 7.72×10−2 S cm−1 at 80 °C and 90 % relative humidity. The superprotonic conductivity exceeds that observed for any conductive porous organic polymer reported to date. This material, which is cost-effective and scalable for mass production, also revealed long-term performance over more than 3 months without conductivity decay.



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