Mid-Infrared Intraband Transition of Metal Excess Colloidal Ag2Se Nanocrystals

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author Kwang Seob Jeong
journal ACS Photonics, Article ASAP(DOI: 10.1021/acsphotonics.8b00291)
Homepage https://kwangsjeong.wixsite.com/ksjlab-koreauniv


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Mihyeon Park(석사과정)                        Dongsun Choi(박사과정)

Steady-state intraband transition, which is a promising electronic transition of a colloidal quantum dot along with the band-gap transition, had been a long-standing challenge. The steady-state intraband transition occurring between discrete electronic states in the conduction band of a colloidal nanocrystal has been reported only from mercury chalcogenide nanocrystals for the past few years. Concerns about the toxicity of the mercury compound necessitate a new nontoxic system exhibiting a steady-state intraband transition. Here we present the steady-state intraband absorption and photoluminescence of Ag2Se colloidal nanocrystals under ambient conditions. The mid-IR intraband transition is carefully investigated by means of FT-IR emission spectroscopy, spectroelectrochemistry, compositional analysis, and transfer characteristics. Especially, the mid-IR intraband photoluminescence of the Ag2Se colloidal nanocrystal will open new avenues in the use of quantum-confined colloidal systems for mid- and long-wavelength infrared light sources along with the band-gap transition that has been investigated for the last three decades.

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