Prof. Hyo Jae Yoon, Interview with the Thieme Chemistry (SYNFORM Young Career Focus).

by 관리자 posted Feb 15, 2022


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SYNFORM regularly meets young up-and-coming researchers who are performing exceptionally well in the arena of organic chemistry and related fields of research, in order to introduce them to the readership. This Young Career Focus presents Dr. Hyo Jae Yoon (Korea University, South Korea). The interview is now online and can be found here:


SYNFORM complements the information provided by the Thieme Chemistry E-Journals (including Synlett, led by the editor-in-chief, Prof. Benjamin List, 2021 Nobel laureate in Chemistry). It serves the international chemistry community by publishing timely information about:

     - new scientific advances in organic chemistry and related fields of research

     - facts and people from the world of chemical sciences

     - highlights from international chemistry conferences


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